All Hands on Deck

On Monday, July 3 from 8:30 – 9:30 am, you can join others at Park Avenue Beach for All Hands on Deck. On that day, people across the Great Lakes will link hands around the lakefront in their respective cities in support of Great Lakes Protection efforts. The Great Lakes is the largest source of fresh surface water on Earth, containing 18% of the world’s supply of fresh surface water and 90% of the US supply. Our drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. With this proximity to the lake comes a special responsibility to protect it. The choices we make have an impact on the health of the Great Lakes. Please join us to show your support for protection of this important resource.

How do I know if there’s lead in my water?

We recently tested the water in public buildings in Highland Park for lead, and are taking steps to remedy areas where contamination was discovered. Here’s a list of certified labs that you can contact if you’d like to test the water in your home for lead. More information on lead and how it gets into drinking water is here. The City of Highland Park regularly tests drinking water, you can find information on the quality of the water here.