Electronic Waste

Electronic waste has increased in recent years, and much of it is not recycled. Highland Park residents can recycle electronic waste by putting it next to their trash cart on the first trash pick up of any month. Please call Lakeshore Recycling Systems in advance at 773.685.8811. You can also drop off electronics for recycling at the Highland Park Recycling Center, 1180 Half Day Road, from 7 am – 1 pm on all Tuesdays and the first Saturday of the month. The Recycling Center also collects styrofoam, clothing and shoes (paired) for recycling and reuse.

Spring Clean Up

Our new trash contract includes the ability to put out one large item for pick up with your trash each week, and one electronic item with your first trash pick up of the month without a sticker. We will still have the spring trash collection in Highland Park beginning on April 30, but you don’t need to wait another year to dispose of larger items.

Please remember that everything left out for spring clean up will go to the landfill, and electronic waste will not be picked up. If you have a box of paper or other recyclable materials, please put it out on your regular trash pick up day, so that it can be recycled.