Join us in supporting Kim Stone for City Council!

If you would like to be included on this list, please contact Kim or fill out the form on the volunteer page and check the box to add to supporter list.

Wendy Abrams
Steve Adatto
Leslie Alter
Andy and Rich Amend
Carol Austin
Tracy and Bruce Bahn
Vicki Bailyn*
Hon. Anne Flanigan Bassi
Hannah Bates
Erica Beall
Hon. Mike Belsky
Susan Benjamin
Susan S. Benjamin
Carole and Joel Bernstein
Laura Bernstein
State Senator Daniel Biss
Abby and Larry Block
Hon. Tony Blumberg
Linda and David Blumberg
Bill Bogot
Lisa Bookstein
Bruce and Beth Boyd
Judy and Jeff Bramson
Julianne Brand and Robert Jeffries
Hon. Mike Brenner
Betsy and David Brint
Belinda Brock
Hon. Gail Feiger Brown
Jacob Burroughs
Tim Burroughs and Barbara Smith
Mary and Steve Cavanaugh
Susan and Ira Chaplik
Joan Chase
Irene Chase and Jeremy Gibson
Walter Chase
Dave Chiou and Karen Ideno Chiou
Adeline Cohn
Karen and Rich Coplan
Ann Coyle and Michael Compher
Jill and Tim Cuniff
Mia Cutler
Carol D’Anca
Jackie and Donnie Dann
Tom Decker
Izzy and Ron Diamond
Karen and Robert Dillon
Suzanne* and Ron* Dirsmith
Barbara Dolinger
Chelsea Duggan
Hon. Scott Drury
Hon. Hal Emelfarb
Marjie and Dick Ettlinger
Wendi and Michael Ezgur
Liz Facchini
Marc Facchini
Penny Facchini
Renee Facchini
Anna Fox
Silvia and Bruce Fox
Chuck Frank
Hon. Paul Frank
Vicki and Rob Frazer
Jay Futterman
Hon. Bryna and Ed Gamson
Tim Garcia and Anne Haddad
Suzie Garfield
Kobi Garfinkel and Kathy Goldberg
Hon. Lauren Beth Gash
Eileen and Michael Gelick
Beth and Richard Gerber
Jeremy Gibson and Irene Chase
Jennifer and Jeff Gilbert
Kerri Gimbel
Dierdra and Stephen Gold
Anita and Robert Goldberg
Daniel Goldberg and Betsy Nathan
Nancy and Alan Goldberg
Janice Goldblatt
Joanne and Ed Gordon
Steve and Susie Greenberg
Wendy Griffiths
Terry Grossberg
Michael Gurtman and Lois Lourie
Kathy Gutnayer
Helen Gunnarson
Becky Heller
Hillary Heller
Stephen Hersch
Hon. Sally Higginson
Steve Hirsch
Beth and Andy Hull
Emily and Skip Janson
Beth Jastromb
Diane and Joel Jastromb
Hon. Brian Kaplan
Phil Kaplan and Marcia Bogolub
Gerry and Steve Keen
Colleen Kelley
Alfred Klairmont
Holly Krakow
Michelle and Brad Kramer
Laura Kramer
Vivian and Loren Kramer
Susie and Andrew Kramer
Dalia and Larry Kraut
Dan LaCosse
Peggy and Bob Laemle
Louise and Paul Lapping
Betsy Lassar
Marliss Levin
Nanci and Rocky Levy
Karen Libman
Bari and Herb Lichtman
Chuck Linhoff
Hon. Steve and Linda Mandel
Kim and Don Matthews
Hon. Karen May
Sara and Richard Mesirow
Mara Metzner
Hon. Julie Morrison
Nancy Moss
Alina and Dean Mouscher
Paul Munk and Alice Peterson
Nicole Murphy
Sharon Narrod
John and Mary Beth Nawor
Kelly Nichols
Hon. Joyce O’Keefe
Hon. Terri Olian
Sylvana Osario
Phil Pagoria
Susan and Mark Paley
Dicky and Robin Paull
Marissa Perdiki
Christine Peschier
Matt Pestine
Sally Peterson
Patricia Piacente
Hon. Dan and Rhoda Pierce
Betsey and Dale Pinkert
Jonathan Plotkin
Hon. Cynthia Plouche and Joe Rafson
Charlene Podolsky
Alex and Barbara Polikoff
Claribell Puello
Diane and Dan Radic
Victoria and John Ratnaswamy
Laurie Reinstein
Steve Rheinstrom
Jamie Rhum
Nancy and Sandy Richman
Kathy and David Robin
Hon. Yumi Ross
Elliot Rossen
Hon. Nancy Rotering
Gail Rotheiser
Rhoda and Robert Rothman
Audrey Rubinstein
Susan and David Ruder
Hon. Barney and Marsha Ruttenberg
Hon. Marjie Sandlow
Cindy Semet
Stuart Senescu
Roberta and Stuart Shapiro
Bonnie Shay
Steve Shefey
Susan Shulman and Avery Cohen
Sangeet Singh Gasson
Lauren and Steve Siwinski
Howard and Sue Smith
Joanne and Brad Soren
Hon. Carol Speilman
Susie and Bob Star
Cheryl Steiger
Linda Steinhaus
Linda and Don Stewart
Donna and Tom Stone
Jan Sugar
Gee and Dick Vaughan
Stuart Wagenius and Gretel Kiefer
Jody Miller and Peter Waldor
Lisa Kane Weaver
Robert Walker
Lesley Wallerstein
Janet Weinberg
Mardah and Neal Weinfield
Catherin Weingart-Ryan
Jeff Wellek
Caley Wexler
Gabe Wexler
Shelly and Geoff Wexler
Ken Wexler
Paige Wexler
Raif Wexler
Sheila Wexler
Jeff and Debbie Winton
Elizabeth and Tom Wippman
Hon. Cindy Wolfson
Chris Wren and Susan Becker
Lenny and Rebecca Xavier
Hilleri Zander
Anne and Howard Zavell
Max Zavell
Carrie Zimmerman
Hon. Amy Zisook
Deborah and Marc Zionts
Jacob Zionts