Coal Tar Sealants Banned in Highland Park

I am pleased to report that the Highland Park City Council has voted to ban the use and sale of Coal Tar Sealants. Coal tar is a known human carcinogen. These sealants do not provide any structural advantage to pavement – they just make it look black. There are alternatives available which are less toxic and similarly priced.

We are lucky to live so close to Lake Michigan. With our proximity to the lake comes a  responsibility to protect it. Lake Michigan is part of the Great Lakes Basin which is the largest freshwater system on earth. The Great Lakes contain 18% of world supply of fresh surface water and 90% of US supply. Our drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. The choices we make do have an impact on the health of our Great Lakes.

Safe Drug Disposal

We have a model drug disposal program in Lake County. If you have old medications that you want to dispose of – prescription or over the counter – bring them to the Highland Park Police Station, and put them into the mailbox in the lobby for safe disposal.

Lake County knew that preventing prescription drugs from getting into a water supply or the wrong hands is important.