City Dark Film

Please join me on Friday, November 14 at 6 pm at Heller Nature Center to see the film City Dark. The movie explores the implications of a globe glittering with lights — including increased cancer rates, and a generation of kids who can’t see the universe above. The film features stunning astrophotography, and an eclectic cast of scientists, philosophers, historians, and lighting designers. The Highland Park screening is free and open to the public, and is co-sponsored by the Natural Resources Commission and the Park District.

Highland Park does not truly experience darkness … Should we care?

This was the first slide of a presentation given at the Natural Resources Commission meeting this month. I believe the answer is, yes, we should care. There are many benefits to reducing light pollution beyond improving our view of the stars. The health of birds and pollinators is impacted by the lack of darkness.  We can increase energy efficiency and provide better lighting by directing it where it’s needed, thereby reducing light pollution. There may be benefits to human health and safety, too. Simply considering this issue in the design and purchase of new fixtures would have a significant impact.