Thank you!

I am honored that you have put your trust in me, and am excited to get to work on City Council. This was truly a community-wide campaign, and I cannot thank you enough for your support, advice, and encouragement. The best part of running for office was getting to know so many people who are involved in and care about our community.  To stay informed about my work to move our community forward, please subscribe to my email newsletter.

Polls Will be Open 6 am to 7 pm on April 9

Every vote counts, so don’t forget to cast your ballot for Kim Stone. (See below story for link to find your polling place.) Thank you to everyone who has helped with the campaign. I truly appreciate all of your efforts, whether you submitted Letters to the Editor, sent emails or letters to friends about the campaign, walked door to door, displayed a yard sign or helped spread the word in other ways. Click here to find election results after polls close.

What’s On My Ballot

Election Day is April 9, and there are contested races for many offices in Highland Park.  The League of Women Voters has a guide with information on most candidates on the ballot. You can find it by clicking here.  Voting on Election Day will be at your regular polling place, not at the Health Center. Click here to find your polling place.

Thank You for Your Support

I am honored to have been endorsed by Former State Representatives Karen May and Lauren Beth Gash, Former State Senator Susan Garrett, State Senator Daniel Biss, Former Mayors Mike Belsky and Dan Pierce, County Board Member Steve Mandel, Former County Board Members Anne Flanagan Bassi and Carol Spielman, Councilmen Paul Frank and Sally Higginson, Former Councilmen Mike Brenner and Joyce O’Keefe and many more. Click here for a full list of endorsements.